Roll fabric cutting machine

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Roll fabric cutting machine


Roll fabric cutting machine

Product design: Suitable for textiles, knitted, synthetic, vinyl, imitation leather, foam, felt ..

Safe cutting guide system and automatic height control device Everyone can remove and mount easily

The machine is equipped with the knife sharpener included. (Fine color with thin fabric, rough grinding with hard and thick)

The air table helps the material move easily 

The motor speed is variable to suit a wide variety of fabrics

Maximum table height 180mm (adjustable) Table top size 1200mmx1500mm

Cutting length 9mm (size can be changed) Cutting speed of multi-mode ring cutter

Knife size: 0.45x10x3500mm

Voltage: 1HP-220V ~ 380V

Products manufactured according to Japanese standards and are being used in garment factories in Vietnam, Japan and other Asian countries.

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