Texenco Stand Industrial Sewing machine

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Texenco stand of industrial sewing machine


The Texenco stand of industrial sewing machine table are made of tube steel, 1.2mm to 2mm thick steel plate with high-quality scratch-resistant powder coating. Use rubber feet or wheels.

Diverse types: I-shaped single sewing machine table leg, adjustable lift; I-type double sewing machine table legs, adjustable; Specialized machine table legs...suitable for all types of industrial sewing machines currently on the market;

Custom sizes according to each type of industrial sewing machine or specialized machine.

The table legs are CO2 welded, the welds are delicate, the surface is polished smooth, the painted surface is smooth, durable and does not peel off.
Welded nuts on the frame for easy installation and height adjustment as needed
Novel and reasonable design, sturdy inside, more elegant appearance.

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