Fabric roll checking machine KLA-6I

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Fabric roll checking machine KLA-6I

Check all fabrics: cotton, nylon, Polyyester, Khaki elastic ...

Check the fabric's tension. High quality modern design

High-class imported accessories and spare parts ensure the machine's durable operation

Easy to use, comfortable and convenient to operate, the large bright screen helps to quickly detect fabric errors and color spills. Maintenance, repair, easy and convenient

Fabric roll diameter Max (mm) 400

Check Fabric Size 1m8 (72 ”)

Manually adjust

Fabric inspection speed 0-60m / min (stepless)

Power consumption 0.8 Kw Voltage: 1P, 220-240V, 50-60Hz

Weight (kgs): 300

Machine size LxRxC (mm): 2,380x 1,320 (1,589) x 1,940


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