Texenco Plastic top table produced and supplied to the market by Thu Duc Engineering Corporation (Texenco) have been tested and confirmed by the Quality Measurement Standards Technical Center 3 (QUATEST3) to meet safety criteria. Completely according to the announcement: does not contain toxic chemicals, is water resistant, prevents fire spread
Advantages of the product:
1. Not moldy, absolutely waterproof: The composition is PVC powder, so it is 100% waterproof;
2. No termites;
3. Environmentally friendly: Recyclable, can be melted down and re-molded for reuse;
4. High durability: The product is resistant to all weather extremes, resistant to corrosive chemicals, resistant to strong impact forces;
5. Safety for health: Does not contain Lead, Mercury, safe, not harmful to the health of constructors and users;
6. Insulation against fire: Low thermal conductivity, especially, when burning, it will generate granules to reduce the spread of the fire;
7. Easy to apply: due to its lightness, it can be cut, sawed, nailed, painted;
8. Insulation, sound insulation: Safe for the health of the construction workers, production and use. Soundproof and soundproof. Reduce sound transmission through walls, floors, ceilings;
If you have a need, please contact us for advice and the best price.

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