Automatic Cutting Machine Autex FES-06

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Automatic Cutting Machine Autex FES-06




Standard cutting area (width x length)

75” x 98”

(1905mm x 2489mm)

Material height after vacuum

Denim: 6.0 cm


Suitable materials

Special fabrics, thick, hard and easy to melt when cut, such as: Jean fabric; Plastic coated fabric; PU membrane; Natural skin; Leatherette; Raincoat fabric; Mackintosh; The fabric is not breathable

Application areas

Industrial garment industry; Footwear manufacturing industry; Backpack industry; hand bag; Upholstery industry (sofa; car seat); Industry producing medical protective equipment (clothes, masks); The stuffed animal industry…


Max cutting head travel speed

1080 mm/min

Drive system (Motor, inverter)

Yaskawa (Japan)

Tool speed (up/down cycle)

0 – 6000 cycles/min


Knife sharpening system

Automatically sharpen knives according to the user's settings, the system includes 2 sets of stones to ensure that the knife is always sharp


Knife cooling system

By ordinary air



≤ 1mm

Control system

The AC-ACS software license is compatible with most of the software available on the market such as Gerber; Lectra; Optitex; StyleCad… Language software (Vietnam; English; Chinese)


Weight (Kgs)

4800 Kgs

Approximate dimensions – width x length x height (mm)

2950 x 6700 x 2000

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