Air Float Spreading & Cutting Table with electrict rail

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Air Float Spreading & Cutting Table with electrict rail



• Table legs are made of high-grade powder-coated steel to ensure stability when used.

• Structure assembled with each module 1200mm long, can customize the table range according to the factory size, no length limit.

• Table widths vary from 1800mm up to 2400mm or depending on needs.

• Various table tops made of MDF, MFC…, optional thickness, coated with melamine, pasted foormica or covered with stainless steel to increase durability and product life.

• stainless steel edge with 1.8mm thick stripes, size 55x30mm or size 70x30mm around the table top

• The table uses a blower motor, with a motor capacity from 1.5HP - 3HP (1.1KW/2.2KW -220V/380V-50Hz/60Hz) depending on the needs of the user. Can install from 3 to 5 modules using 1 motor.

• Automatic control system by CB or by touch screen depending on demand.

• Electrict Rail for auto Spreader, auto Spreading machine can be used Panasonic brand or China brand on demand.

• Products are manufactured according to Japanese standards and are commonly used in garment factories in Vietnam, Japan and other Asian countries.

• Environmentally friendly product & green product for green certificate.

• High economic efficiency, low maintenance cost, good warranty policy.

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