Automatic Cutting Machine AUTEX

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  • Wide range of cutting area sizes for all needs
  • The gap (gap) between the details is very small, helping to improve the efficiency of material use.
  • Automatic control of cutting speed between straight and curved cuts, ensuring high-precision semi-finished products, minimizing manual cutting of semi-finished products.
  • The cutter control software is designed to be compatible with almost all model design software available on the market without the need for an adapter.
  • Set the automatic knife sharpening mode depending on the cutting conditions, different fabrics make the knife more durable.
  • Vacuum cleaner with new technology, saving electricity, reducing noise.
  • Smart cutters improve the quality and accuracy of semi-finished products, ensuring uniformity between layers of materials.
  • The cutting table (bristle) is manufactured from good plastic to increase the time of use.
  • The compartment for taking the semi-finished products after cutting allows to move independently or synchronously with the cutter, changing the setting depending on the needs of use.
  • The wear-and-tear control system automatically prompts the user to replace parts when necessary.
  • Automatic adjustment of knife speed and oscillation period helps to overcome material melting during cutting.

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